Tuesday 10 January 2023

Glass Slipper - Am I Alone

Fresh from successful releases on Large Music, Foliage and Papa Records, Austin duo Glass Slipper return to Colour and Pitch with slinky soulful cut ‘Am I Alone’.

Recording and performing live together since 2013, Glass Slipper comprises the powerhouse former Real McCoy vocalist Lisa Cork-Twiss and veteran Bay Area producer Brad Eller, both now residing in Texas.

An ode to those sleepless existential moments we’ve all experienced from time to time, ‘Am I Alone’ is clean and smooth-grooving honest-to-goodness Soulful House track, with a slightly swung ‘Dark’ mix for the dancefloor, and a straight-up melodic ‘Light’ mix for the warm-ups and terrace sessions.

“Right away, the chord progression, felt wistful and melancholy and I immediately knew Lisa would be able to write something to it” says Brad. “I'd rather play a handful of deliberate, strong parts than have a million little weak things going on all at once. This also provides an uncluttered sonic canvas for Lisa's vocal- especially her big harmonies and fat background stacks. For the dub, I double-timed a few select vocal hooks, fed them into the sampler, and got jiggy with it.” 

Says Lisa: “’Am I Alone’ was written during a bout of insomnia. One of those nights when my brain just wouldn’t shut off. The state of the world was laying heavy on my mind as I pondered the question, am I alone?”


Release Date: 27/1/2023 (Beatport & Spotify), 10/2/2023 (All Stores).