Friday, 24 February 2023

Kerrier Collective - Life Wants to Live

'Life Wants to Live' is the spellbinding new instrumental single from Cornwall-based duo Kerrier Collective, featuring live horns from Polly Meyrick and a remix from Coflo.

Drawing Jazz, Afrobeat and Deep House sensibilities into their deeply moving and carefully considered compositions, Kerrier Collective (Ben Tidy and Alfie Gidley) have been releasing music on Bandcamp since early 2021. 'Life Wants To Live' is a perfect exemplar of their eclectic sound, blending Ben's experience as part of London house production team Souled and staffer at UK dance music institution Black Market Records, with Alfie's reputation as a well respected multi-instrumentalist, built through more than 15 years performing as a live folk artist.

Rising quickly on the global underground scene, Bay Area producer Coflo turns in a vintage, Afro-tinged Deep Houe reworking of 'Live Wants to Live', making the most of the original's pristine musicianship, while adding a tough new bassline and syncopated percussion for the dancers.

"‘Life wants to live,' was one of those moments where things collided nicely" says Ben. "I (Ben) was programming some beats on the computer whilst Alfie was playing around on the piano. At one point we hit the chords and groove that you can now hear in the track. Alfie added live drums whilst I wrote and recorded the sub bassline. The cut up African choir just fell into place and matched the colour of the chords and emotions in the track. Alfie wrote and recorded the strings before the next session. When I came back in and heard it I was thinking 'wow, this is DEEEEPPPPP!' I think we were both thinking the same thing when we finished that session: we need to get Polly on this!"

"Polly Meyrick is a Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist and innovative composer, songwriter and arranger, with a love for a wide variety of genres. She has a strong sense of imagery with music, and this guides her songwriting process as a horn player and singer and she loves writing what she calls 'hedonistic horn arrangements'- horns that are blasting, grooving and sultry. We spent the weekend together writing and arranging the horns... Well, Polly wrote the horns and we sat their saying, ‘Yes! Do that.' Under Polly's expert guidance, Ian Sanderson played the Trombone part, and Josh Westrip played Trumpet on the finished recording."

"The week we finished the track, my friend sent me a Coflo track called "Lux", that came out on Local Talk. It was the best tune I'd heard in months, so I got in contact and sent him 'Life Wants To Live' to see if he'd be willing to remix it. Thankfully he was, and the package was complete."

Release Date: March 31st 2023


Tuesday, 10 January 2023

Glass Slipper - Am I Alone

Fresh from successful releases on Large Music, Foliage and Papa Records, Austin duo Glass Slipper return to Colour and Pitch with slinky soulful cut ‘Am I Alone’.

Recording and performing live together since 2013, Glass Slipper comprises the powerhouse former Real McCoy vocalist Lisa Cork-Twiss and veteran Bay Area producer Brad Eller, both now residing in Texas.

An ode to those sleepless existential moments we’ve all experienced from time to time, ‘Am I Alone’ is clean and smooth-grooving honest-to-goodness Soulful House track, with a slightly swung ‘Dark’ mix for the dancefloor, and a straight-up melodic ‘Light’ mix for the warm-ups and terrace sessions.

“Right away, the chord progression, felt wistful and melancholy and I immediately knew Lisa would be able to write something to it” says Brad. “I'd rather play a handful of deliberate, strong parts than have a million little weak things going on all at once. This also provides an uncluttered sonic canvas for Lisa's vocal- especially her big harmonies and fat background stacks. For the dub, I double-timed a few select vocal hooks, fed them into the sampler, and got jiggy with it.” 

Says Lisa: “’Am I Alone’ was written during a bout of insomnia. One of those nights when my brain just wouldn’t shut off. The state of the world was laying heavy on my mind as I pondered the question, am I alone?”


Release Date: 27/1/2023 (Beatport & Spotify), 10/2/2023 (All Stores).

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Lenz - Still I Rise

Formed by Irish DJ & producer DJ Joma and German vocalist Moon Aton, Deep House duo Lenz return to Colour and Pitch with dreamy, timely, soul-stirring cut ‘Still I Rise', inspired by (and featuring the empowering words of) poet Maya Angelou.

"You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise."

"Nothing can control the dust, and when the revolutionary wind gathers, we will all rise like a collective dust particle, full of self-acceptance and diamond space glitter" say Lenz. "We love this inspirational poem by Maya Angelou. It is a Victory Anthem for every human, every Nation, every minority ever put down and treated unjustly.  For anyone who can relate to what it means to demand your rights, to raise your voice and to break free of the shackles of some domination."

"It is a confident voice, full of strength and pride, saying that regardless of the obstacles and challenges life throws at us, we can emerge stronger, to rise up and away from our past and create a better future with our heads held high. There is nothing that can hold us back. We can rise above anything. We hope our song will enrich those who have ever doubted their strength, their abilities or their worth, and give them new confidence, hope, faith, joy, and stubborn resilience."

Working together since 2020, Lenz have enjoyed several successful releases to date on labels such as Suprematic, Nordic Voyage, Be Adult Music (Ibiza) and of course Colour and Pitch. Their popular monthly ‘Night Whisper' Podcast is syndicated to a number of radio stations, including Pure Ibiza Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Bloop Radio London, Boogie Bunker Radio (Tenerife), Estacion Ibiza Radio, Data Transmission Radio, Radio Zoom (Berlin), Graffiti Kings (London) and Like That Underground (Germany). Never afraid to go too deep with their distinctive organic house productions, their emotional, dreamy melodies and poetic words invigorate the mind and soothe the soul.

Release Date (Beatport & Spotify): December 16th 2022
Release Date (All Stores): December 30th 2022


Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Finest Wear - Night Tales

Colour and Pitch favourite Finest Wear returns to the label with a three track EP packed with dancefloor attitude, entitled Night Tales.

With hot releases on Nite Grooves and Nordic Trax to his name, Finest Wear has made several appearances in the Traxsource top 100 Deep House artists list, and with good reason.

His last EP on Colour and Pitch, ‘The Terminal' was a storming success thanks to lead track ‘Go Deeper', and how he returns to us with with a somewhat tougher, peak-time offering.

'Push Me' sets out the stall nicely, with rolling drums and blunted synth giving way to a tough bassline and a subtle vocal hook.

Techno-influenced ‘Ket Corner' was titled after a group of youngsters the producer spotted, possibly enjoying themselves a little too much, during an outdoor event in the Oxfordshire countryside… Let's just say, it's aptly named.

'The Buzz Dub' returns to the familiar Finest Wear sound, with classic Deep House chords and an effortless groove backing the eerie swarm of synth-wasps trying to escape from the speakers.


Friday, 23 September 2022

Chad Will - Sky Be Blue

Austin based producer Chad Will makes his Colour and Pitch label debut with 'Sky Be Blue', presented with remixes by label regular Finest Wear and New York duo Sleepy & Boo.

A warm and intricate Deep House cut, 'Sky Be Blue' showcases Chad Will's mastery of analogue and outboard gear, as well as original sound design. Austin-based and Chicago-raised, Will got his first break back in 2006, when he won a Beatport remix contest with his version of "Breathe" by Danny Howells. A stop-start music career followed, but a heart attack in 2020 forced Chad to think about what was important to him, and he began making music again in earnest. We are so excited to be releasing this first offering from Chad's new clutch of productions, which all feel like they carry the joy and optimism that can only come from a brand new appreciation for life itself.

Releasing on the Colour and Pitch label since its very beginning, our old friend Finest Wear turns in a typically smooth and ever-so-slightly twisted take on 'Sky Be Blue', with a special groove that just keeps on rolling.

DJs, party-throwers and talented producers, Sleepy & Boo are an integral part of New York City's vibrant underground scene. Their version of 'Sky Be Blue' combines techno rhythms with vintage prog synth chords to concoct a unique sonic blend, which will surely do the trick for late night sessions.


Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Sara De Sanctis, Richard Earnshaw - Fading (Inner Spirit Remixes)

Italian-born and London based classically trained pianist and vocalist Sara De Sanctis celebrates her third single ‘Fading’ with brand new remixes by UK House music hero Richard Earnshaw.

Produced by Jacob Bright and mastered by Shawn Joseph (New Order, PJ Harvey, Portishead), tender and atmospheric ballad ‘Fading’ “talks about the feeling of being obsessed, of neglecting oneself to the point of disappearing and losing one’s identity”, says Sara.

One half of internationally renowned duo Spiritchaser and boasting solo releases on Soulfuric, Defected, Large, Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, Sony and many more over the years, Richard Earnshaw delivers a mercurial, classical-tinged 'Inner Spirit' rework of 'Fading', sensitively reframing the song's delicate vocal to subtle Deep House perfection.

More about Sara De Sanctis:

Sara started playing the piano at five years old and became passionate about songwriting and composition during her teenage years, studying film scoring and conducting as well as piano. In 2021, she decided to pursue a career in songwriting and released her debut single ‘Serendipity’, featured on BBC and popular in Italy, and ‘15 Again’, also featured as one of the weekly Earworms on BBC radio and winner of the Press Prize at the Italian national music competition ‘IlCantagiro’.


Release Date (Beatport and Spotify): 16/9/2022
Release Date (All Stores): 30/9/2022

Saturday, 13 August 2022

Tidy Daps - The Message

Tidy Daps - The Message
We are delighted to welcome Polish production duo Tidy Daps to the Colour and Pitch label family with new track 'The Message', presented with a remix from talented young Spanish producer Kanedo.

Doctor and Tim Haze, aka Tidy Daps, are no slouches when it comes to music-making, with previous releases on Nite Grooves, Kolour Recordings and Dutchie Music among others.

'The Message' combines atmospheric strings with an effortless Deep House groove to summon up a silky smooth vibe, ideal for warmup sets and summer terraces alike.

Barcelona-based producer and owner of the excellent Personal Belongings label, Kanedo specialises in 'beach friendly' soft grooves. This tender reworking of 'The Message' is a perfect example of his sumptuous sound.

Out September 9th 2022.


Monday, 11 July 2022

Sumsuch & Will Brock - Humanity Remixed

A year after the release of the original version, Colour and Pitch revisits Sumsuch and Will Brock's tender Deep House cut 'Humanity', with remixes by Paul Losev and DJ Joma.

Premiered in April 2022 on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Paul Losev's rework of 'Humanity' lifts the track into orchestral territory with cinematic sonic atmospherics and spine-tingling piano melodies. Formerly known as Paul2Paul, this is the insanely talented Miami resident Losev's first appearance on Colour and Pitch, and we're very excited to welcome him to the label family.

Host of the brilliant 'Thru The Looking Glass' podcast, Belfast's DJ Joma regularly plays on Bloop London, Data Transmissions Radio, Ibiza Global Radio and Pure Ibiza Radio. His version of 'Humanity' beautifully exemplifies Joma's languid, sun-drenched production style, perfect for the terrace this summer.

'Humanity' is perhaps Sumsuch and Will Brock's most heartfelt and accomplished work to date. Framed by Sumsuch's warm production and lyrical lead guitar, Will Brock's words and powerful delivery are a clarion cry for forgiveness, tenderness and togetherness in these times of great division.

Heed the call. Don't let hate use you. Keep your Humanity.


Friday, 10 June 2022

BiG AL - Smiling in the Sand

Colour and Pitch welcomes BiG AL back to the label with driving Deep House cut 'Smiling in the Sand', presented with a remix from Tim Tonal.

Pioneer of the Deep House sound in the Middle East and founder of Ready Mix Records, BiG AL flexes the more dancefloor-leaning side of his distinctive, smooth production style on 'Smiling in the Sand', combining a rolling groove and rock-solid bassline with syncopated vocal fragments and shimmering atmospherics.

UK producer Tim Tonal turns in a beautifully twisted version of 'Smiling in the Sand', with staccato synths and energetic drums leading the charge toward a deftly filtered acid rave-gasm.


Sunday, 17 April 2022

Sleepy & Boo - Kind / Generous

'Kind / Generous' is the second release from New York duo Sleepy & Boo on Colour and Pitch, following their 2020 debut 'Decoding Reality'. 

New York's veteran production and DJ duo Sleepy & Boo have steadily emerged as producers of note in the underground realm. From their home base in the heart of the Big Apple's dynamic dance music scene, the duo have left their mark on countless dancefloors around the world. 

 Geared towards the dancefloor, these two cuts are representative of the duo's studio output, featuring crisp drums, moody stabs, and smooth chords and pads that envelop the listener. These are sophisticated late-night tracks for discerning DJs and music lovers, and highlight the continued progression of Sleepy & Boo's style. 

 Sleepy & Boo have been honoured to work with an array of international labels to showcase their sounds, which covers a wide range from hypnotic, dub-inspired techno to more uplifting, melodic house grooves. These include releases on Boris' Transmit Recordings, Barbuto's Mavic Music, Japan's Hypnotic Room, San Diego's Techniche label, Ukraine's Aletheia Recordings, Australia's Translucent, Italy's Syncopate and more. 

Support for their releases have come from artists including Maya Jane Coles, Oscar G, Roger Sanchez, Pablo Ceballos, Karotte, Drunken Kong and many more.

Beatport Exclusive - May 13th 2022
All Stores - May 27th.