Saturday, 1 May 2021

The Self Help Group - Temple OS

Brighton alt-folk band The Self Help Group's touching and unique song ‘Temple OS' gets the remix treatment from Gavin Boyce, Grottoes, Rosko & Sumsuch and Eric Shans.

The original song, written by Brighton musician Mark Bruce, founder of The Self Help Group, is inspired by the strange and tragic story of Terry A. Davis. Davis began programming the ‘Temple OS' computer operating system in 2005 after a series of visions in which he claimed God had instructed him to build ‘the Third Temple', as prophesied in the Bible.

Reunited for the first time since their 2009 low-key underground hit ‘Latenite Bypass' on Urban Torque, Rosko & Sumsuch turn in an acid-tinged, string-laden, extended rework of the song, putting Mark's powerful vocal out front and dubbing the song out in the second half.

Off-kilter electronic music hero Q-Burns Abstract Message unveils his brand new Grottoes alias for a meditative, ambient ‘Reversion' of ‘Temple OS', layering guitars over airy synths to build up a densely textured soundscape.

With an album coming soon on Nordic Trax, Irish producer Gavin Boyce delivers a potent and haunting House ‘2MB Distro Mix' of Temple OS, sure to provide many a transcendental dance-floor moment when the clubs finally re-open.

Colour and Pitch regular and 3Bridge Records co-owner Eric Shans stays true to the original version, adding subtle electronic melodies and shimmering chords to delightful effect.

Finally, The Self Group provide an alternate rendition of ‘Temple OS', transforming the song into a languid and warm synth-pop gem.

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Saturday, 10 April 2021

Sumsuch & Will Brock - There Comes A Time

'We declare, that you no longer have the right to steal our joy!' That's the message, as Will Brock and Sumsuch return to Colour and Pitch with new single 'There Comes a Time'.

Will Brock and Sumsuch have been making music together since 2014, releasing two successful albums on iconic UK label BBE Music under their alias 'Mega Jawns'.

In the grand tradition of Soul music, the instrumentation of 'There Comes a Time' is warm, lush and comforting, the lyrics filled with equal measures of pain and hope. Gospel-tinged contemporary deep house might be the best way to describe this mercurial and powerful song.

Whether politics, relationships, poverty or discrimination, there is so much in the World designed to steal our joy. 'There Comes a Time' is a signpost toward an imagined, but entirely possible, promised land- a future where we can all come together with love and compassion for one another.

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Sunday, 14 March 2021

Latch Remixed

Colour and Pitch is delighted to present brand new versions of the first three singles by Brighton duo Latch, lovingly remixed by Sumsuch, Daniel Allen and BiGZ. 

Comprising DJ Lee Garrett and musician James Morpeth, Latch have been making warm, intricate and melodic electronic music together for a little while now, arriving in the top ten of Traxsource's Deep Essentials chart with 'The Suspect' in 2019. 

Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch reworks Latch's lush and deeply touching debut 'Frida' with his typical languid musicality, adding classic analogue drum machines, strings and live keys to create a dreamy, sun-drenched groove for lazy, hazy days. 

Texas DJ, producer and founder of Denied Music Daniel Allen turns in a pristine, blunted electro version of 'The Suspect', making the original's modular synths swirl over clean, energetic drums. 

Finally, Ready Mix Records founder and Middle Eastern pioneer BiGz (aka BiG AL) delivers a subtle twist on 'Platinum', pinning the original's dense atmospheres onto a singularly silky arrangement.

Monday, 25 January 2021

Eric Shans - In Memoriam

Brooklyn producer Eric Shans returns to Colour and Pitch with his new EP 'In Memoriam', comprising three typically sweeping, melodic cuts. 

 Eric's great ability to communicate emotion through his music is displayed in full effect on title track 'In Memoriam', which blends mournful guitar licks with cinematic chords and a hypnotic, floaty groove. 

'Spectres' shows a slighter darker, more insistent edge, with tougher drums and delightfully lo-fi, glassy pads. Finally, 'Tomorrow Will Never Come' reminds us to concentrate on the here and now, a message delivered with a distinct nod to classic synth-pop from yesteryear.

1. In Memoriam
2. Spectres
3. Tomorrow Will Never Come

Available March 12th 2021 on all digital stores and streaming services.
Available now via Traxsource | Spotify | Beatport | Apple Music


Sunday, 24 January 2021

Glass Slipper - Brighter Days

Austin duo Glass Slipper kick the New Year off with their timely cover of an early 90's House classic: Cajmere & Dajae's 'Brighter Days'. 

 Brad Eller's crystal clear production sound and Lisa Cork-Twiss's distinctive, soulful vocal tones are bolstered by live piano from Ezel Feliz on Glass Slipper's version of 'Brighter Days', which doesn't try to outdo or mimic the iconic original, instead paying loving tribute to this life-changing song. 

Let's be honest, we all need Brighter Days to dream of right now! 

Now available on Traxsource | Spotify.


Friday, 15 January 2021

DJ Joma - Rhia (Beauty) feat. Moon Aton

Talented Belfast DJ Joma makes his production debut on Colour and Pitch with melodic deep house cut 'Rhia', featuring spoken word vocals from German artist Moon Aton. 

Host of the brilliant "Thru The Looking Glass" podcast, DJ Joma also regularly plays on Data Transmissions Radio, Ibiza Global Radio and Pure Ibiza Radio. Before the pandemic he was a regular fixture on terraces and venues in Eastern Europe, where his melodic, spine-tingling selections brought a distinctly Balearic vibe to the terraces and beaches of the Adriatic coast. 

His first ever production, 'Rhia' caught our ears thanks to its dreamy, wistful atmosphere, perfectly reflected by Moon Aton's beautiful musings on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's words: "the soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone." Second track 'Sasha' opens with mournful piano chords, before gradually unfolding into something subtly uplifting. An instrumental version of 'Rhia' is also included in the package for good measure. 

There will be more to come from Joma on Colour and Pitch this year, so standby for more melodic, evocative goodness in the very near future.

Monday, 9 November 2020

Sleepy & Boo - Decoding Reality

Colour and Pitch welcomes Sleepy & Boo, longtime stalwarts of New York's underground music scene, with three finely crafted deep and contemplative house cuts that comprise the 'Decoding Reality' EP.

The duo have been a constant presence on the dancefloors of the Big Apple for years now, holding down residencies and making appearances at some of New York's most iconic nightclubs and events. 

In 2015, they began their production journey, and have since released a wide array of tracks on esteemed labels including Toolroom, Yoshitoshi, Transmit, Nervous, Deeperfect, 3Bridge Records and many more. 

The 'Decoding Reality' EP marks their Colour and Pitch debut: three beautifully realised, imaginative and atmospheric deep house cuts, full of dreamy melodies and rock-solid grooves. 

These tracks convey both uplifting and introspective moods that engage and inspire the listener. 


Sunday, 18 October 2020

Tim Tonal - Switchback Remixed

Tim Tonal returns to Colour and Pitch with even more remixes of his gorgeous underground hit 'Switchback', featuring Finest Wear, Andrew Duke and Eric Shans.

Tim harks back to his UK rave roots with 'Switchback III', a delightfully retro version of the track, featuring uplifting synth strings, a euphoric piano breakdown and a dance-floor ready arrangement straight from the 90s. 

Colour and Pitch stalwart Finest Wear turns in a typically classy, deep reworking with bouncy drums and tight stabs. 

Canadian Andrew Duke steers 'Switchback' into darker, headier territory, with his atmospheric and heavy-grooving take on the track. 

Finally, Brooklyn's Eric Shans serves up a deep, melodic and ever-so-slightly proggy version, typical of the 3Bridge Records sound. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Tibor Dragan - Follow the Path

Tibor Dragan - Follow the Path
Hungarian talent Tibor Dragan returns to Colour and Pitch with a sublime new cut entitled 'Follow The Path', accompanied by a collaborative remix from David Marston & Sumsuch. 

 Filled with his trademark shimmering chords and warm, languid production touches, 'Follow The Path' perfectly encapsulates the reason that Tibor Dragan is quickly gaining prominence in the worlds of Deep House and melodic electronica. 

 Fresh from stellar releases on BBE Music and his own Kindness of Bearer Recordings, Jamaican musician David Marston joins forces with Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch for a very special remix. 

Recorded just before COVID lockdown in Spring 2020, Marston and Sumsuch's rework of 'Follow The Path' began life as an evening spent jamming together on guitar and keys over a few of Dragan's original parts, resulting in an organic and spine tingling set opener with a distinctly live feel. 

All stores: October 16th 2020

Monday, 31 August 2020

Glass Slipper - Sambada

Dynamic duo of vocalist Lisa Cork-Twiss and producer Brad Eller, aka Glass Slipper, return to Colour and Pitch with Brazilian-tinged House belter ‘Sambada' plus a gorgeous deep reworking by Gavin Boyce.

Fresh from a super run of releases on Midnight Riot, Foliage Records and Mr. V's Sole Channel Music to name but a few, Glass Slipper serve up a slice of sunshine with ‘Sambada', a bouncy, swung classic House groove with a catchy vocal refrain sure to bring a smile to your face. 

With his long-awaited debut album coming later this year on Nordic Trax, Ireland's own Gavin Boyce turns in a perfectly polished gem of a remix, combining smooth chords and syncopated stabs to powerful effect.

Out September 4th 2020 (Traxsource Only)
September 18th 2020 (All Stores)

Available on Traxsource | Spotify