Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Sumsuch feat. Will Brock - She Walks on Water

Known to soul music fans by the alias Mega Jawns, Philly soul man Will Brock and UK producer Sumsuch reunite for haunting, melodic Deep House cut 'She Walks On Water'.

Produced remotely during the 2020 COVID19 outbreak, 'She Walks One Water' started life with Sumsuch jamming on an analogue drum machine, recorded live, then enhanced with atmospheric, liquid synths and a warm bass-line.

The work-in-progress was immediately sent to Will Brock, who added spine-tingling live piano and smooth, subtle vocals. The whole thing came together within 24 hours, and that immediacy and organic feel comes across loud and clear in this understated masterpiece.

 Under the 'Mega Jawns' moniker, Will Brock and Sumsuch have released two albums on legendary British label BBE Music. Their last outing on Colour and Pitch, sun-drenched terrace gem 'All Along', struck a chord with fans across the globe and made its way onto compilations issued by Sony and Clubstar.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

PJ Principle & Fran Green - Balearic Elastic

Releasing in the early 2000's on iconic UK label DiY Discs under the alias Peej, PJ Principle joins forces with Fran Green for new single 'Balearic Elastic', presented with remixes from Sumsuch and Tim Tonal.

'Balearic Elastic' is a sunshiney, rubbery little gem of a track, summoning up sunshine, beaches and good times on the islands, with addictive synth chords and a simple, honest groove.

First up on remix duty, Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch turns in a mellow Afro-tinged remix, introducing dub effects and potent percussion as the track develops.

Finally Tim Tonal rounds off our package with a sublime, airy rework, complete with an original 303 acid bass-line.

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Saturday, 2 May 2020

Eric Shans feat. Stephanie Lombardo - All Of My Love

New York producer Eric Shans reunites with singer songwriter Stephanie Lombardo for touching, unaffected duet 'All Of My Love', with remixes by Sumsuch and Tibor Dragan.

 First joining forces on 2018 track 'Feel Alive' on Colour and Pitch, Eric Shans and Stephanie Lombardo have come up with another gem of a tune. 'All Of My Love' is a charming love song with a simple message, sung over Eric's clean, melodic production.

 Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch completely rebuilds 'All Of My Love' from the ground up, transforming the song into a life-affirming, disco infused cut, laden with piano chords, subtle strings and acoustic drums. He also delivers a fun 'Voxstamental' version, replacing the singers with smooth vocoder chords.

 Finally, hotshot Hungarian producer Tibor Dragan turns in a delightfully deep revision, filled with warm chords and spine-tingling melodies.

 Analogue mastering by Rob Small.

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All stores May 15th 2020.


Sunday, 5 April 2020

Tim Tonal - Switchback EP

Following up his 2017 'Rhythmic Indulgence' EP, Tim Tonal returns to Colour and Pitch with the stunning 'Switchback' EP, complete with remixes by PJ Principle and Wolf Hackmine.

DJ and producer Tim Barnett, aka Tim Tonal, has a rich history in the UK electronic scene, having released on the iconic DiY Discs both as part of Tonal Fusion and one half of Alpha Dogs. Switchback showcases Tim's impressive production chops with a classy and expertly constructed House groove, carrying just enough dance-floor weight and acid power to nod to his background in the rave scene. A darker, dubbier, stripped down second version, Switchback II, is also included for the late night heads.

Fellow DiY Discs graduate PJ Principle provides Switchback's first remix, imbuing the track with a timeless Deep House vibe and offering up a nimble, airy arrangement, plus sumptuous analogue sounds galore.

Birmingham born Steve 'Griffo' Griffiths returns in his Wolf Hackmine guise, this time channeling his near 30 year love for the 'Wild Pitch' style as championed in the 90's by DJ Pierre and DJ Duke. The 'Tono Salvaje' remix manages to hold the attention of both the feet and the head as it slowly grooves and builds over its epic 11 minute duration.

Finest Wear - Lo-Fi Grooves EP

Best known to Deep House lovers as Finest Wear, London producer Cenzo Scoglio returns to Colour and Pitch with a trio of underground cuts, humbly entitled the 'Lo-Fi Grooves' EP.

Title track 'Lo-Fi Groove' is embraces the classic 90s US Deep House sound, with heavy drums, haunting chords and soulful vocal chops.

'What!!!' takes a more hypnotic turn, with blunted chords and subtle ravey stabs over swung drums.

Closing out the EP, 'Rollin'' does exactly what its title suggests, with a bassline and rhythm combination that just keeps on truckin'.

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"good stuff" - Mark Farina

"Rollin'-good groove, i like this" - Jeremy Newall

"Whhattt to that Lo Fi Groove! It is what it says it is. Ok, now What!!!. Heavy swingin with filthy warehouse sonics. Damn, Finest Wear. The whole EP is Rollin." - Ricardo Miranda

"Deepness and then some on 'Rollin'. Will be playing out." - Ashley Beedle

Friday, 14 February 2020

Latch - The Suspect

The Brighton duo of DJ Lee Garrett and multi-instrumentalist James Morpeth, otherwise known as Latch, return for the first Colour and Pitch release of 2020: 'The Suspect'.

Like singles 'Frida' and 'Platinum' before it, 'The Suspect' is a deftly arranged, genre-blurring deep house cut, filled with analogue warmth and melodic synth work.

 Look out for the first Latch remix package later this year but until then, enjoy this subtle and unique electronic gem.

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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Latch - Platinum

Brighton-based duo Latch return to Colour and Pitch with ‘Platinum', their second release on the label.

Comprising DJ Lee Garrett and musician James Morpeth, Latch are quickly building a reputation for their warm electronic sound that, in an age of cold robotics, brims over with humanity.

 Featuring some modular synth wizardry, ‘Platinum' is a smooth, electro-influenced cut, defying genre classification with its very own style of intricate progression.

 Following hot on the heels of debut release ‘Frida', ‘Platinum' is the second of three initial releases by Latch on Colour and Pitch. Look out for ‘The Suspect', dropping soon!

"Spiritchaser warm up vibes all the way!" - Richard Earnshaw
"lovely vibez" - Severino
"Electro Funk! More please! super jazzy and groovy too. Love it!" - Kev Kruz

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Sunday, 29 September 2019

Sumsuch - Stay For Sunset

Label founder Sumsuch returns to Colour and Pitch with the label's 50th release, a luscious, languid cut entitled 'Stay For Sunset'.

Starting life as a fragment of melody ringing around the artist's head on the way home from the beach one summer's day, 'Stay For Sunset' is a deceptively simple composition built around a warm, inviting guitar line, live piano and inviting analogue drums.

Aside from being one of Sumsuch's favourite words, the 'Gloaming' mix nicely summons up that moment just before night falls, removing the lead guitar but leaving its ghostly imprint across the track, while pulling up the percussion to create a dusky, hypnotic groove.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Latch - Frida

Colour and Pitch is delighted to present 'Frida', the debut release by Latch, the Brighton based duo of DJ Lee Garrett and musician James Morpeth.

Perfectly encapsulating the melodic, soul-stirring sound Colour and Pitch always strives for, 'Frida' is a subtle, shimmering piece of deep house art, with warm analogue synths meeting rolling percussion in a teasing evolution that satisfies without ever quite reaching crescendo.

Local hero Lee Garrett has a long history in House music, building a well-deserved reputation for both his truly outstanding selections and his technical ability, always staying true to the music without ever resorting to hype or self promotion.

 James Morpeth is talented live musician and producer, with a history in soul, afrobeat, folk, pop, electronica and more.

 Coming together to form Latch, the pair began to blend Morpeth's rich musicality and texture with hypnotic rhythms and soulful colour, all overseen by Garrett's deeply-rooted dance-floor knowledge.

 'Frida' is just the first in a trio of releases from Latch on Colour and Pitch- standby for more.

"This is excellent." - Bill Brewster

"Feeling This" - Hot Toddy

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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Daniel Allen - The Mandela Effect

Austin producer Daniel Allen returns to Colour and Pitch with a moody House cut titled 'The Mandela Effect' featuring vocals from Katy Starr, plus remixes from Tibor Dragan and Glass Slipper.

Titled after a theory that parallel realities and dimensions are shifting, causing things to change so that some people remember them to be one way and others remember them another, Daniel and Katy Starr wrote 'The Mandela Effect' after a conversation on the subject in Daniel's studio.

Laden with atmospheric, warm synths and eerie, effected vocals, the original version offers up a smooth, hypnotic House groove with bags of character.

 Hungarian producer Tibor Dragan delivers a tour-de-force remix of 'The Mandela Effect'. Melodic, orchestral and uplifting, this is undoubtedly the finest work we've heard from this brilliant artist to date.

 Glass Slipper may surprise fans with their version of 'The Mandela Effect', eschewing their usual soulful sound for a more stripped down tech-infused House rework.

 To close out the EP, Daniel Allen goes to work under his 'Disappear' moniker, a new home for his downtempo and balearic beats. With an LP dropping later this year, this slo-mo, dubby version of 'The Mandela Effect' is the very first appearance... of Disappear.

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