Friday 8 March 2024

Andrew Emil, Glass Slipper, Claude Young - Incidental Introspection

Andrew Emil and Glass Slipper join forces with Claude Young for timeless and soulful EP ‘Incidental Introspection', issued on Colour and Pitch.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Colour and Pitch is delighted to welcome back to the label Austin duo Glass Slipper (Lisa Cork-Twiss and Brad Eller) and Chicago producer Andrew Emil, alongside a label debut from an all-time musical hero of ours, Detroit’s own Claude Young Jr.

Ranging from 80’s-tinged boogie to House, ‘Incidental Introspection’ cooks up a truly singular, timeless fusion for 2024 and beyond. Slinky mid-tempo opener ‘Fade Out’ summons up retro Miami beach feels, while Lisa’s stunning vocal deals with the very modern issue of social media burnout.

‘Dancefloor Paramour’ keeps the grooves languid, while Lisa’s layered and reverb-drenched vocal summons up a dream-like and fleeting late-night encounter. Instrumental House cut ‘Unclaimed Restraint’ rolls effortlessly with a fat bass-line and dreamy classic chords.

Crushed, off-kilter drums and sparse chords introduce ‘God Only Knows’, before Lisa’s voice expresses both personal and universal existential questions like a mournful gospel confessional. Finally, Brad re-imagines ‘Dancefloor Paramour’ as a slick Disco House number, somewhat reminiscent of classic early Crazy P or Ray Mang productions.

“This EP was finished right before Covid hit in 2020 but feels timeless and I’m so excited to have it finally see the light of day” says Lisa Cork-Twiss. Andrew Emil continues: "Claude and I had been friends for some years through our work together creating sample packs, content, videos and editorial during my days directing the digital category at Reverb. We wrote all the track skeletons during a weekend in 2019 when Claude was staying with me in Chicago, and I finished up the tracks before I sent them off to Brad and Lisa of Glass Slipper to check out. They really loved three of them, and right away recorded their contributions and sent them back. I mixed them down and they added their remix, and there this project was.” Brad concludes: “The base tracks Andrew and Claude created were very inspiring, and Lisa never ceases to amaze me with her songwriting. I feel very lucky to be a part of this talented cohort.”


Release Date: April 5th 2024.

Thursday 1 February 2024

Sumsuch, Will Brock - Free Born Man

Written during a summer visit to the English seaside, transatlantic duo Will Brock and Sumsuch present languid, soulful gem 'Free Born Man', presented with a spine-tingling remix from Deep House hero, Vincenzo.

Warm analogue synth bass and lush keys introduce 'Free Born Man', the perfect foil for Brock's vulnerable and raw vocal performance. Detailing personal struggles with mental health and reminding us that we have choices even in the midst of the fog, this track represents a new level of maturity in the pair's musical journey.

To celebrate Colour and Pitch's 10th anniversary, we treated ourselves to a remix by an all-time production hero, the incomparable Vincenzo. His version reimagines 'Free Born Man' as a timeless Balearic cut, with a hypnotic guitar riff which brilliantly reflects that perfect seaside sunset.

Philadelphia soul artist Will Brock and UK producer Sumsuch have been making music together since 2014, releasing two successful albums on iconic UK label BBE Music under their alias 'Mega Jawns’.

Release Date: March 1st 2024

Cover image by Zoe Childerly

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Wednesday 29 November 2023

Will Brock, Sumsuch - LoA (Land of America)

Philly soul maestro Will Brock reconnects with UK producer Sumsuch for 'LoA (Land of America)', a deep house cut featuring spoken-word vocals detailing a confusing, gaslit experience that'll sound sadly all-too familiar to the Black community in the US of A and beyond. 

 'LoA' is a dream-like Afro-inspired cut with a sugary sweet harmonic vocal hook, reflecting the seductive charm of the American Dream, so deftly laid bare by Will Brock's freestyle spoken word. We're delighted to welcome talented Australian producer Dave Leck to Colour and Pitch for the first time to remix 'LoA'. Having impressed us for some time with his melodic compositions and flawless sonics, Leck's version lays out a warm and smooth soundscape with sparse and wide horizons, amping up the emotions and gently teasing the hook. 

Previously recording two albums for BBE Music as Mega Jawns, the transatlantic duo of Will Brock and Sumsuch have been musical partners and the best of friends for a decade now. ‘LoA' is the latest track to be released from a series of studio sessions which took place in West Philly during May 2022, after the pair had been separated for a couple of years. 

Picking up right where they left off with deep music and even deeper conversations, this song shines a light on the constant, subtle gaslighting America seems to inflict on its most vulnerable citizens. Are you truly equal? Is this country your home? As a 'minority' in the USA, the answers to those questions seem to change almost daily. 
Release Date: December 15th 2023

Monday 3 July 2023

Sara De Sanctis - Astray

Italian-born, London-based classically trained pianist and vocalist Sara De Sanctis releases her fourth single ‘Astray’, presented with an uptempo remix by David Marston.

Produced by Jacob Bright and mastered by Shawn Joseph (New Order, PJ Harvey, Portishead), 'Astray' is a downtempo, borderline trip hop gem exploring themes of love and loss with a refreshing vulnerability. “'Astray' was written together with 'Have I been Dreaming' and 'Fading' and they talk about the feeling of obsession, loss and disorientation” says Sara.

Previously releasing on  Soul Clap Records and Wolf + Lamb as well as his own Kindness Of Bearer imprint, David Marston has built an enviable reputation thanks to his strong sense of musicality and crisp, lean productions. His rework of 'Astray' is heavily influenced by golden era 2-step and garage, with chopped vocals, bouncy drums and rumbling sub bass.

Sara started playing the piano at five years old and became passionate about songwriting and composition during her teenage years. Her interest in composition led her to the UK and the USA, where she also studied film scoring and conducting after influences such as Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone. In 2021, she decided to pursue a career in songwriting and released her debut single ‘Serendipity’, followed by ‘15 Again’, both featuring on BBC Radio with the latter also winning the Press Prize at Italian national music competition ‘Il Cantagiro'. Her third release, 'Fading', was remixed by UK House music hero Richard Earnshaw and was featured on radio stations all around the world, including KCRW in the US and Mi Soul in the UK. “Even though I chose another path, classical music helped me develop musical thinking and composition methods that I can now use in my own works. In ‘Astray’, the sense of sweet and sadistic surrender to a relentless and deteriorating love is conveyed through the use of 'laid back' vocals” says Sara.


Release Date: 21/7/2023

Monday 26 June 2023

Gavin Holligan - When Boys Become Men (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

In this vibrant earworm, Gavin Holligan paints a stark picture of his experiences of being the underdog. Gavin is no stranger to thought provoking lyrics, with previous releases like "More Than One", and more recently, "This Hotel Is Closed" and "Same Old Story"- which were both playlisted by Jazz FM and other key tastemaker stations.

This single has been given the remix treatment from soulful house producer Richard Earnshaw (Defected, Reel People, Jocelyn Brown, Roy Ayers), whose stylish production pairs well with Gavin's powerful vocal.

Masterfully blending soulful vocals, jazz coloured instrumentation, and compelling storytelling, this track is sure to add further legitimacy to Gavin's growing reputation as a credible UK talent. The song cleverly nods to his notable history as a former pro footballer, whilst the lyrics tell a poignant tale of defiance and outward bravado. "This track has always been a firm favourite to perform live - audiences absolutely love it! " says Gavin Holligan about his boisterous uptempo piece.

Born and raised in South London, Gavin Holligan's music could easily be described as an ‘authentic mix of soul, jazz and folk', quality music that is sure to stand the test of time. Gavin Holligan is driven to continue captivating audiences with his unique musical prowess. The dynamic singer songwriter is known for bringing sensory, raw, and honest narratives to music, delivering performances that reach every listener, and this track is definitely that in abundance.


Release Date: 7/7/2023

Friday 9 June 2023

Jason Merle, Sen-Sei - Traduire

Classic left coast House sounds abound in 'Traduire', the new single from Sen–Sei and Jason Merle, issued on Colour and Pitch.

Swung House music vibes with a distinctly French flavour, 'Traduire' ('Translate' in English) opens with bouncy, crunchy drums and a simply irrepressible bass-line, before taking off into timeless chord and saxophone heaven. The 'French Filter Mix' straightens up the groove, transforming 'Traduire' into something deeper and moodier, perfect for late night sessions.

One of the pioneers of 'live' House music, Sen–Sei has been deeply embedded in the electronic scene since he was first exposed to the music at late 80's warehouse parties back in his native Brooklyn. Beyond his live performances, Sen–Sei's distinctive keys have been heard on some of the biggest records in house over the last two and a half decades.

With releases on Whiskey Pickle, Viva Recordings and Plastik People among many others under his belt, Jason Merle has recently returned to the world of DJing and music-making with extra passion and energy after an extended child-rearing sabbatical. Hailing from Fresno CA, Merle has been playing records since '97, cutting his production teeth in the Bay Area before moving back to Fresno where he continued his rise.

Releasing EP 'The Goods' together last year on Delve Deeper Recordings, Sen–Sei and Jason Merle connected some years ago on the San Francisco scene, and have been close friends ever since. We're excited to have them make their debut on Colour and Pitch with this charming slice of honest-to-goodness House music.

Release Date: June 23rd 2023


Monday 27 March 2023

Sumsuch, Will Brock, Kameelah Waheed - Don't Know Where I'm Going

Philly soul man Will Brock and UK producer Sumsuch present deep and soulful new single ‘Don't Know Where I'm Going', featuring New Jersey vocalist Kameelah Waheed and two stunning remixes by Ireland's Gavin Boyce.

Releasing two albums on BBE Music as Mega Jawns, the transatlantic duo of Will Brock and Sumsuch have been musical partners and the best of friends for almost a decade now. ‘Don't Know Where I'm Going' is the first track to be released from a series of studio sessions which took place in West Philly during May 2022, after the pair had been separated for a couple of years. Picking up right where they left off with deep music and even deeper conversations, this song came into being after an intense discourse on home, ancestry, and what those words mean when you're black in America.

"We were in the studio writing and I was fully in my captive bag" says Will Brock. "When I'm in the fully creative space and free to express myself, I tend to be squarely in the centre of all of the pain and sorrow that western culture puts on Africans. See, home, to a conscious African in America, is longing. A wish. And we've never known it. But we know it ain't here."

"Coming from Europe" says Sumsuch "I think a lot of us take for granted knowing where our ancestors lived and worked, and being able to visit those places, comforted by that deeper sense of home. The generational trauma caused by the uprooting of a people is hard to fathom if it's not your lived experience, but it's so important that we listen and try to understand, as tragically this trauma is still being enacted, day-to-day."

After laying down a demo version, the pair passed it over to poet, rapper, writer and friend, Kameelah Waheed, who laid down a show-stopping spoken word verse in one take. Deep in the Philly scene for decades, Kameelah got her break writing for Bunny Sigler on Philadelphia International Records, going on to collaborate with Larry Gold on BBE, and most recently with Honey Dijon on album ‘Black Girl Magic', released in 2022 on Defected Records.

"The significance of this song" Kameelah writes "is my experience of feeling lost, and when I think about the deeper roots of my origin it is a constant life of searching wondering, of being a detective. But at the same time it is exciting discovering your people, their talents and gifts to the world, and how you are connected."

Fresh from the release of his brilliant album ‘Anywhere Here' on Nordic Trax, Irish producer Gavin Boyce turns in a pair of timeless Deep House reworks of ‘Don't Know Where I'm Going'; a mournful yet smooth-grooving main mix, and a drastically different dub, laced with intricate percussion and evocative chord-fragments.

Cover artwork and photography by Zoe Childerly, as part of her project ‘Beneath The Waves'. More information at:

Release date: April 28th 2023.


Friday 24 February 2023

Kerrier Collective - Life Wants to Live

'Life Wants to Live' is the spellbinding new instrumental single from Cornwall-based duo Kerrier Collective, featuring live horns from Polly Meyrick and a remix from Coflo.

Drawing Jazz, Afrobeat and Deep House sensibilities into their deeply moving and carefully considered compositions, Kerrier Collective (Ben Tidy and Alfie Gidley) have been releasing music on Bandcamp since early 2021. 'Life Wants To Live' is a perfect exemplar of their eclectic sound, blending Ben's experience as part of London house production team Souled and staffer at UK dance music institution Black Market Records, with Alfie's reputation as a well respected multi-instrumentalist, built through more than 15 years performing as a live folk artist.

Rising quickly on the global underground scene, Bay Area producer Coflo turns in a vintage, Afro-tinged Deep Houe reworking of 'Live Wants to Live', making the most of the original's pristine musicianship, while adding a tough new bassline and syncopated percussion for the dancers.

"‘Life wants to live,' was one of those moments where things collided nicely" says Ben. "I (Ben) was programming some beats on the computer whilst Alfie was playing around on the piano. At one point we hit the chords and groove that you can now hear in the track. Alfie added live drums whilst I wrote and recorded the sub bassline. The cut up African choir just fell into place and matched the colour of the chords and emotions in the track. Alfie wrote and recorded the strings before the next session. When I came back in and heard it I was thinking 'wow, this is DEEEEPPPPP!' I think we were both thinking the same thing when we finished that session: we need to get Polly on this!"

"Polly Meyrick is a Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist and innovative composer, songwriter and arranger, with a love for a wide variety of genres. She has a strong sense of imagery with music, and this guides her songwriting process as a horn player and singer and she loves writing what she calls 'hedonistic horn arrangements'- horns that are blasting, grooving and sultry. We spent the weekend together writing and arranging the horns... Well, Polly wrote the horns and we sat their saying, ‘Yes! Do that.' Under Polly's expert guidance, Ian Sanderson played the Trombone part, and Josh Westrip played Trumpet on the finished recording."

"The week we finished the track, my friend sent me a Coflo track called "Lux", that came out on Local Talk. It was the best tune I'd heard in months, so I got in contact and sent him 'Life Wants To Live' to see if he'd be willing to remix it. Thankfully he was, and the package was complete."


Tuesday 10 January 2023

Glass Slipper - Am I Alone

Fresh from successful releases on Large Music, Foliage and Papa Records, Austin duo Glass Slipper return to Colour and Pitch with slinky soulful cut ‘Am I Alone’.

Recording and performing live together since 2013, Glass Slipper comprises the powerhouse former Real McCoy vocalist Lisa Cork-Twiss and veteran Bay Area producer Brad Eller, both now residing in Texas.

An ode to those sleepless existential moments we’ve all experienced from time to time, ‘Am I Alone’ is clean and smooth-grooving honest-to-goodness Soulful House track, with a slightly swung ‘Dark’ mix for the dancefloor, and a straight-up melodic ‘Light’ mix for the warm-ups and terrace sessions.

“Right away, the chord progression, felt wistful and melancholy and I immediately knew Lisa would be able to write something to it” says Brad. “I'd rather play a handful of deliberate, strong parts than have a million little weak things going on all at once. This also provides an uncluttered sonic canvas for Lisa's vocal- especially her big harmonies and fat background stacks. For the dub, I double-timed a few select vocal hooks, fed them into the sampler, and got jiggy with it.” 

Says Lisa: “’Am I Alone’ was written during a bout of insomnia. One of those nights when my brain just wouldn’t shut off. The state of the world was laying heavy on my mind as I pondered the question, am I alone?”


Release Date: 27/1/2023 (Beatport & Spotify), 10/2/2023 (All Stores).

Tuesday 22 November 2022

Lenz - Still I Rise

Formed by Irish DJ & producer DJ Joma and German vocalist Moon Aton, Deep House duo Lenz return to Colour and Pitch with dreamy, timely, soul-stirring cut ‘Still I Rise', inspired by (and featuring the empowering words of) poet Maya Angelou.

"You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise."

"Nothing can control the dust, and when the revolutionary wind gathers, we will all rise like a collective dust particle, full of self-acceptance and diamond space glitter" say Lenz. "We love this inspirational poem by Maya Angelou. It is a Victory Anthem for every human, every Nation, every minority ever put down and treated unjustly.  For anyone who can relate to what it means to demand your rights, to raise your voice and to break free of the shackles of some domination."

"It is a confident voice, full of strength and pride, saying that regardless of the obstacles and challenges life throws at us, we can emerge stronger, to rise up and away from our past and create a better future with our heads held high. There is nothing that can hold us back. We can rise above anything. We hope our song will enrich those who have ever doubted their strength, their abilities or their worth, and give them new confidence, hope, faith, joy, and stubborn resilience."

Working together since 2020, Lenz have enjoyed several successful releases to date on labels such as Suprematic, Nordic Voyage, Be Adult Music (Ibiza) and of course Colour and Pitch. Their popular monthly ‘Night Whisper' Podcast is syndicated to a number of radio stations, including Pure Ibiza Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Bloop Radio London, Boogie Bunker Radio (Tenerife), Estacion Ibiza Radio, Data Transmission Radio, Radio Zoom (Berlin), Graffiti Kings (London) and Like That Underground (Germany). Never afraid to go too deep with their distinctive organic house productions, their emotional, dreamy melodies and poetic words invigorate the mind and soothe the soul.

Release Date (Beatport & Spotify): December 16th 2022
Release Date (All Stores): December 30th 2022