Saturday 13 July 2019

Daniel Allen - The Mandela Effect

Austin producer Daniel Allen returns to Colour and Pitch with a moody House cut titled 'The Mandela Effect' featuring vocals from Katy Starr, plus remixes from Tibor Dragan and Glass Slipper.

Titled after a theory that parallel realities and dimensions are shifting, causing things to change so that some people remember them to be one way and others remember them another, Daniel and Katy Starr wrote 'The Mandela Effect' after a conversation on the subject in Daniel's studio.

Laden with atmospheric, warm synths and eerie, effected vocals, the original version offers up a smooth, hypnotic House groove with bags of character.

 Hungarian producer Tibor Dragan delivers a tour-de-force remix of 'The Mandela Effect'. Melodic, orchestral and uplifting, this is undoubtedly the finest work we've heard from this brilliant artist to date.

 Glass Slipper may surprise fans with their version of 'The Mandela Effect', eschewing their usual soulful sound for a more stripped down tech-infused House rework.

 To close out the EP, Daniel Allen goes to work under his 'Disappear' moniker, a new home for his downtempo and balearic beats. With an LP dropping later this year, this slo-mo, dubby version of 'The Mandela Effect' is the very first appearance... of Disappear.

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