Wednesday 24 June 2020

Sumsuch feat. Will Brock - She Walks on Water

Known to soul music fans by the alias Mega Jawns, Philly soul man Will Brock and UK producer Sumsuch reunite for haunting, melodic Deep House cut 'She Walks On Water'.

Produced remotely during the 2020 COVID19 outbreak, 'She Walks One Water' started life with Sumsuch jamming on an analogue drum machine, recorded live, then enhanced with atmospheric, liquid synths and a warm bass-line.

The work-in-progress was immediately sent to Will Brock, who added spine-tingling live piano and smooth, subtle vocals. The whole thing came together within 24 hours, and that immediacy and organic feel comes across loud and clear in this understated masterpiece.

 Under the 'Mega Jawns' moniker, Will Brock and Sumsuch have released two albums on legendary British label BBE Music. Their last outing on Colour and Pitch, sun-drenched terrace gem 'All Along', struck a chord with fans across the globe and made its way onto compilations issued by Sony and Clubstar.

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