Friday 29 August 2014

Finest Wear - Shuttering Leaves

Finest Wear’s long awaited second release on Colour and Pitch comes exactly a year after his debut ‘Distant Memories’, which drew support and praise from Ralf GUM, Robert Owens, Shur I Kan and many more for its laid back, classic house feel. Under his previous guise of Mr Cenzo, the London producer has been making waves in the deep house scene for many years, but with this new name and signature sound, his musical creativity has truly blossomed.

 A personal and emotional journey, the ‘Shuttering Leaves’ EP explores themes of loss, love, our connection to nature and the changing of the seasons, whilst remaining deeply rooted in classic deep house tradition. Touching, hypnotic and beautifully realized, each track builds slowly and subtly throughout, somehow feeling both brand new and comfortably familiar at the same time.

Lovingly mixed and premastered using analogue equipment, we truly hope you’re as enchanted as we are by Finest Wear’s four magical tales of dark woodlands, bleak mountainsides and hidden places.

The EP is out Now exclusively on Beatport - October 2nd on all stores. 

Early feedback:

"really enjoyed these tracks!" - Hackman

"nice tunes. Over The Mountain and One Chance are my favourite." - Shur-i-kan

"Bouncy Trees is the one for me. Nice work mates!!!" - Myles Serge

"Perfection is the word that sums it up! I'm once again so pleasantly stunned by the work of Cenzo it just fills completely my desiring senses for such deep sound. Thanks a million for sending this jewel over. Big respectful compliments for this release. It will be, of course, fully supported. Cheers!" - DJ Di Costa