Sunday 3 May 2015

Finest Wear - From The Garden EP

Gradually gathering a strong international following for his effortlessly deep sound, London producer Finest Wear returns to Colour and Pitch for his third EP on the label. Title track ‘From The Garden’ is first up, packed with wholesome, inviting pads and smooth percussion building steadily into a deeply satisfying groove. ‘If It Were Jazz’ introduces dreamy spoken word into the mix over a truly beguiling track, which sounds to us like a long-lost classic. ‘In a Dream’ is a low slung, techno-infused affair, with a booming bass-line and hypnotic synths. Showing his moodier side, Finest Wear closes out the EP with ‘Thunder’, surely a delight for those who like a little darkness in their Deep House.

 Lovingly premastered onto analogue tape, we’ve attempted to retain the warm and imperfect sound of House music the way it always used to sound: in our opinion, the way it should sound.

 For fans of: Jimpster, Stacey Pullen, Spiritchaser, freshly mown grass and springtime.

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