Friday 23 February 2018

Eric Shans - Start To Feel

Brooklyn DJ and producer Eric Shans returns to Colour and Pitch armed with 4 pieces of melodic, bittersweet deep house music. Creative director for 3Bridge records and a fixture on New York's underground club circuit, Eric has previously released two stunning EPs on the label, as well as remixing Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch's 2017 terrace anthem ‘Saint Elias' which was featured on Clubstar's winter compilation 'Chalet Beats No.5'.

 Blending his own plaintive vocals with those of singer Stephanie Lombardo, Eric Shans conjours up musical magic for opening track ‘Feel Alive', fusing new wave, film score and shoe-gazing house sensibilities. Hypnotic deep tech follows in Eric's second offering ‘In A Dream', a cut characterised by foggy, slightly spooky chords over driving beats. Sad and uplifting in equal measure, ‘Let Go' expertly plays with our heartstrings, employing powerful melodies, muted guitars and a spine-tingling vocal hook to create a poignant atmosphere. Finally ‘It's The Waves' heads into grittier club territory with its drone-like synths, techno-inspired bass-lines and dynamic percussion.

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