Friday 10 May 2019

Sumsuch - We Are Ordinary

Colour and Pitch label founder Sumsuch returns home with an eclectic 3 track EP titled ‘We Are Ordinary'.

 Opening track ‘We Are Ordinary' is a disco-infused house cut with heavy drums, tight chord stabs and live bass, featuring Jacob Daniels on vocals.

The message is a simple reaction against the age of ego we're living in: "we aren't all that special, in fact, We Are Ordinary."

 Second track ‘Don't Turn Your Back' is a downtempo piano and synth composition, inspired by an interview with a 16-year-old prison inmate in the USA. The piece explores empathy, questioning any society that would simply write off a fellow human.

 The EP closes with analogue deep house cut Maze Hill, a comforting and reflective journey through a warm, inviting sonic landscape with scratchy piano and subtle live guitar melodies leading the way.

Out June 14th on all stores and streaming sites.

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