Sunday 5 April 2020

Tim Tonal - Switchback EP

Following up his 2017 'Rhythmic Indulgence' EP, Tim Tonal returns to Colour and Pitch with the stunning 'Switchback' EP, complete with remixes by PJ Principle and Wolf Hackmine.

DJ and producer Tim Barnett, aka Tim Tonal, has a rich history in the UK electronic scene, having released on the iconic DiY Discs both as part of Tonal Fusion and one half of Alpha Dogs. Switchback showcases Tim's impressive production chops with a classy and expertly constructed House groove, carrying just enough dance-floor weight and acid power to nod to his background in the rave scene. A darker, dubbier, stripped down second version, Switchback II, is also included for the late night heads.

Fellow DiY Discs graduate PJ Principle provides Switchback's first remix, imbuing the track with a timeless Deep House vibe and offering up a nimble, airy arrangement, plus sumptuous analogue sounds galore.

Birmingham born Steve 'Griffo' Griffiths returns in his Wolf Hackmine guise, this time channeling his near 30 year love for the 'Wild Pitch' style as championed in the 90's by DJ Pierre and DJ Duke. The 'Tono Salvaje' remix manages to hold the attention of both the feet and the head as it slowly grooves and builds over its epic 11 minute duration.