Sunday 17 April 2022

Sleepy & Boo - Kind / Generous

'Kind / Generous' is the second release from New York duo Sleepy & Boo on Colour and Pitch, following their 2020 debut 'Decoding Reality'. 

New York's veteran production and DJ duo Sleepy & Boo have steadily emerged as producers of note in the underground realm. From their home base in the heart of the Big Apple's dynamic dance music scene, the duo have left their mark on countless dancefloors around the world. 

 Geared towards the dancefloor, these two cuts are representative of the duo's studio output, featuring crisp drums, moody stabs, and smooth chords and pads that envelop the listener. These are sophisticated late-night tracks for discerning DJs and music lovers, and highlight the continued progression of Sleepy & Boo's style. 

 Sleepy & Boo have been honoured to work with an array of international labels to showcase their sounds, which covers a wide range from hypnotic, dub-inspired techno to more uplifting, melodic house grooves. These include releases on Boris' Transmit Recordings, Barbuto's Mavic Music, Japan's Hypnotic Room, San Diego's Techniche label, Ukraine's Aletheia Recordings, Australia's Translucent, Italy's Syncopate and more. 

Support for their releases have come from artists including Maya Jane Coles, Oscar G, Roger Sanchez, Pablo Ceballos, Karotte, Drunken Kong and many more.

Beatport Exclusive - May 13th 2022
All Stores - May 27th.