• Brooklyn DJ and producer Eric Shans returns to Colour and Pitch armed with 4 pieces of melodic, bittersweet deep house music. Creative director for 3Bridge records and a fixture on New York's underground club circuit, Eric has previously released two stunning EPs on the label, as well as remixing Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch's 2017 terrace anthem ‘Saint Elias' which was featured on Clubstar's winter compilation 'Chalet Beats No.5'.

     Blending his own plaintive vocals with those of singer Stephanie Lombardo, Eric Shans conjours up musical magic for opening track ‘Feel Alive', fusing new wave, film score and shoe-gazing house sensibilities. Hypnotic deep tech follows in Eric's second offering ‘In A Dream', a cut characterised by foggy, slightly spooky chords over driving beats. Sad and uplifting in equal measure, ‘Let Go' expertly plays with our heartstrings, employing powerful melodies, muted guitars and a spine-tingling vocal hook to create a poignant atmosphere. Finally ‘It's The Waves' heads into grittier club territory with its drone-like synths, techno-inspired bass-lines and dynamic percussion.

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  • Colour and Pitch turn to Greenery, the official colour of 2017 according to Pantone, to inspire a look back at some musical highlights from the year that was. The last 12 months have seen incredible music on the label from Eric Shans, Tibor Dragan, Wolf Hackmine, Mark Ryal, Finest Wear, Tim Tonal, Dizzy Praet alongside founder Sumsuch. We've had our music licensed to compilations in Africa and Austria; charted by Ashley Beedle among others. We've chosen our personal favourites from each special release, offering up ten deep electronic cuts for your delectation.

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  • Hand Me Down Demons, an EP by Sumsuch
    Colour and Pitch founder and BBE recording artist Sumsuch returns to his own label with brand new solo EP ‘Hand Me Down Demons'. Exploring the power held by ghosts from the past to damage or even destroy our relationships if we let them, ‘Hand Me Down Demons' is split into three distinct movements. Originating as an improvised piano piece, ‘We Should Talk' quickly evolved into a subtle, warm deep house instrumental, with analogue drums and bass providing a bed for plaintive, heartfelt melodies. Title track ‘Hand Me Down Demons' has a grittier character, with a heavily tweaked acid bass-led groove and eerie vocal harmonies creating a dense, late-night club atmosphere. ‘Slipping Under' closes the EP with a simple classical piano composition set over swirling synth atmospheres and distant seagull cries, symbolizing that final, teary-eyed ending. Music-making at its most cathartic, we hope you enjoy this resonant journey from joy to melancholy in the company of some Hand Me Down Demons we've probably all met before.

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  • Poised elegantly at the crossroads between melodic techno and deep house music, ‘Dreams' is the debut EP from a mysterious artist known only as Dizzy Praet. We are unable to confirm or deny rumours that Dizzy Praet is the new alter ego for a well-known producer hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, with a raft of chart-topping house and techno releases already under his belt. All we could do if you asked us is smile…

     Either an ambitious EP or a small yet perfectly formed album, ‘Dreams' comprises six thoughtful, nostalgic, cinematic and at times bleak electronic compositions. Fans of Stimming, Andre Lodemann and HVOB will revel in the stripped back, restrained sound and subtle arrangements. With original artwork created by the artist himself, we invite you to enter the strange and beautiful dream world of Dizzy Praet.

    “Something more experimental, moodier, and something for your mind from Colour & Pitch” - 5 Magazine

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  • Following his much admired reworking of Wolf Hackmine’s ‘One Three One Four’ back in March 2017, Tim Tonal returns to Colour and Pitch with bipartite bubbler, ‘Rhythmic Indulgence’. Releasing his deeply rooted brand of House music for more than 15 years and collaborating with the likes of Jean Jacques Smoothie along the way, Tim Tonal is best known for his work on DiY Discs as one half of Tonal Fusion and Alpha Dogs.

     As you might expect from such a seasoned artist, ‘Rhythmic Indulgence’ is a masterful House music journey split into two parts, ‘Dark Peak’ and ‘Chemical Metal’. Designed with the golden age of outdoor parties and big sound-systems firmly in mind, ‘Tonal’s Dark Peak Version’ steadily builds a compulsive, driving groove before introducing a teasing acid bassline that takes the track up, up and away. Opening with the same subtle breakbeat, ‘Tonal’s Chemical Metal Version’ quickly adds slightly eerie chord pads, giving the track an altogether more expansive feel with dubby techno influences on display, even when the acid hits.

    Also a veteran of the mighty DiY Discs under his ‘Peej’ alias, producer Paul Johnston has hit a rich run of form since premiering his ‘PJ Principle’ moniker with the incredible ‘First Principles’ EP on Pete Woosh’s ‘Spirit Wrestlers’ label in 2015. Rendering us speechless when it arrived in the Colour and Pitch office, PJ Principle’s remix of ‘Rhythmic Indulgence’ is simply a modern classic. Warm and potently harmonious deep house, this inventive reworking also tips its hat to the more melodic moments of classic techno labels like Underground Resistance and Metroplex. Closing out proceedings, Wolf Hackmine (also known as Second City Firsts and Steve ‘Griffo’ at his ‘Splosh’ DJ residency) delivers a smooth, bass-led take on ‘Rhythmic Indulgence’, adding hypnotic filtered synths and lush, retro strings.

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  • Issued on his own Colour and Pitch label, ‘Saint Elias’ is the latest release from UK producer, DJ and musician Sumsuch. Meditative and relaxed in nature, ‘Saint Elias’ was inspired by a handmade religious icon discovered in rural Cyprus, as depicted on the EP’s cover. Smooth chords and simple lyrics repeated like a mantra create an atmosphere of deep reflection over almost ten minutes, perfect for the terrace at sunset. Second original track ‘First Met You’ is a languid house workout featuring tight drums, warm pads, whispered vocals and a heavyweight analogue bass-line, constantly manipulated and filtered throughout to give visceral sense of movement. Completing the package, New York producer and 3Bridge Records artistic director Eric Shans takes ‘Saint Elias’ into nightclub territory, adding swirling chords and his own subtle vocals to create a powerful, cinematic remix.

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  • New York’s Eric Shans returns to Colour and Pitch with stunning 4 track EP ‘For The Days Ahead; a timely sequel to last year’s ‘We Choose’. A fixture on Brooklyn’s deep and tech house club circuit, Eric is also creative director for the excellent 3Bridge Records.

    As Mr Shans himself puts it, this EP “explores more themes of loss, escapism, moving on, and living in an unsure world. It goes through different moods we might feel even on a daily basis.”

    Dreamy opener ‘Eyes Closed’ sets the tone for the EP, with a soothing piano melody over smooth deep house atmospheres. ‘There Is Nothing’ takes a wistful, orchestral turn, playing with Vangelis-like synth melodies and strings over a warm, progressive groove. Sounding like the closing credits to some emotionally charged movie, ‘Torn Apart’ sees Eric Shans performing powerful piano chords and simple, heart-rending vocals. Closing out the EP on a positive note, ‘From That Day On’ moves back toward the dance-floor with tight, bouncy drums and a highly addictive bass-line.

    “For The Days Ahead” reminds us we must always, no matter what, keep moving and keep growing, no matter what life throws at us.

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  • Veteran London house producer Cenzo Scoglio aka Finest Wear has been with Colour and Pitch since the label's inception in 2013. The 'Distant Memories' EP was his debut release under the 'Finest Wear' name, a moniker which has been steadily gaining him global recognition ever since. Recent releases on Nordic Trax and Large Music have seen Finest Wear's hypnotic, pure brand of deep house riding high in the Traxsource charts, so we're delighted that he's saved four of his very best tracks for our 30th label release.

    The EP opens with 'My Illusion', a dreamy organ & pad-led groove and a bass-line that dreams are made of. 'The Light' sees spine-tingling spoken-word poetry rubbing shoulders with a compelling, angular arrangement. Something a little more expansive follows in the form of 'Time'; a sweeping, feel-good deep house epic with enough bounce for peak time sets. The EP closes with piano house designed to tweak the heartstrings: 'Through The Tears' combines simple chords and an old-school aesthetic, sure to provoke some dance-floor reverie.

    “Nice!” - Mark Farina
    “The Light....yes indeed!” - Richard Earnshaw
    “Excellent, well produced EP with 'Time' being my favourite. Good job.” - Ashley Beedle

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    Highly respected underground House and Techno DJ Mark Ryal returns to Colour and Pitch with the follow up to his acclaimed 2015 debut EP ‘4th Floor and Rising’. A long-time resident at Glasgow’s Sub Club during the 90s, Mark often shared the booth with luminaries such as Derrick May and Claude Young, as well as hosting The Red Cell, a Thursday night soiree which gave this EP its title.

    The Red Cell EP sees Mark exploring intensely personal themes throughout four musically rich, powerful and emotional compositions. From the dream-like opener ‘Blood Orange’ through a bleakly beautiful two part deep space odyssey ‘Orbiter’, to the elegant and tranquil melody of ‘Martian Sunrise’, ‘The Red Cell’ EP is best enjoyed as one single piece of sonic art.

     “Something about my favourite producers I’ve always marvelled at is their ability to tell a story through the music. From Dan Curtin and Ron Trent to Carl Finlow and Larry Heard, from Kirk Degiorgio and Josh Brent to Lars Sandberg and Glenn Underground; all have special ways of making their songs flow and communicate with the listener. It’s something that has influenced me deeply throughout my life; it’s something I strive to achieve. This collection of music is the soundtrack to a certain point in my life: the point where we were waiting for my nanna (grandmother) to die. Hopefully they convey something of the joy she brought to me.” – Mark Ryal, 2017

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