• Issued on his own Colour and Pitch label, ‘Saint Elias’ is the latest release from UK producer, DJ and musician Sumsuch. Meditative and relaxed in nature, ‘Saint Elias’ was inspired by a handmade religious icon discovered in rural Cyprus, as depicted on the EP’s cover. Smooth chords and simple lyrics repeated like a mantra create an atmosphere of deep reflection over almost ten minutes, perfect for the terrace at sunset. Second original track ‘First Met You’ is a languid house workout featuring tight drums, warm pads, whispered vocals and a heavyweight analogue bass-line, constantly manipulated and filtered throughout to give visceral sense of movement. Completing the package, New York producer and 3Bridge Records artistic director Eric Shans takes ‘Saint Elias’ into nightclub territory, adding swirling chords and his own subtle vocals to create a powerful, cinematic remix.

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  • New York’s Eric Shans returns to Colour and Pitch with stunning 4 track EP ‘For The Days Ahead; a timely sequel to last year’s ‘We Choose’. A fixture on Brooklyn’s deep and tech house club circuit, Eric is also creative director for the excellent 3Bridge Records.

    As Mr Shans himself puts it, this EP “explores more themes of loss, escapism, moving on, and living in an unsure world. It goes through different moods we might feel even on a daily basis.”

    Dreamy opener ‘Eyes Closed’ sets the tone for the EP, with a soothing piano melody over smooth deep house atmospheres. ‘There Is Nothing’ takes a wistful, orchestral turn, playing with Vangelis-like synth melodies and strings over a warm, progressive groove. Sounding like the closing credits to some emotionally charged movie, ‘Torn Apart’ sees Eric Shans performing powerful piano chords and simple, heart-rending vocals. Closing out the EP on a positive note, ‘From That Day On’ moves back toward the dance-floor with tight, bouncy drums and a highly addictive bass-line.

    “For The Days Ahead” reminds us we must always, no matter what, keep moving and keep growing, no matter what life throws at us.

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  • Veteran London house producer Cenzo Scoglio aka Finest Wear has been with Colour and Pitch since the label's inception in 2013. The 'Distant Memories' EP was his debut release under the 'Finest Wear' name, a moniker which has been steadily gaining him global recognition ever since. Recent releases on Nordic Trax and Large Music have seen Finest Wear's hypnotic, pure brand of deep house riding high in the Traxsource charts, so we're delighted that he's saved four of his very best tracks for our 30th label release.

    The EP opens with 'My Illusion', a dreamy organ & pad-led groove and a bass-line that dreams are made of. 'The Light' sees spine-tingling spoken-word poetry rubbing shoulders with a compelling, angular arrangement. Something a little more expansive follows in the form of 'Time'; a sweeping, feel-good deep house epic with enough bounce for peak time sets. The EP closes with piano house designed to tweak the heartstrings: 'Through The Tears' combines simple chords and an old-school aesthetic, sure to provoke some dance-floor reverie.

    “Nice!” - Mark Farina
    “The Light....yes indeed!” - Richard Earnshaw
    “Excellent, well produced EP with 'Time' being my favourite. Good job.” - Ashley Beedle

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    Highly respected underground House and Techno DJ Mark Ryal returns to Colour and Pitch with the follow up to his acclaimed 2015 debut EP ‘4th Floor and Rising’. A long-time resident at Glasgow’s Sub Club during the 90s, Mark often shared the booth with luminaries such as Derrick May and Claude Young, as well as hosting The Red Cell, a Thursday night soiree which gave this EP its title.

    The Red Cell EP sees Mark exploring intensely personal themes throughout four musically rich, powerful and emotional compositions. From the dream-like opener ‘Blood Orange’ through a bleakly beautiful two part deep space odyssey ‘Orbiter’, to the elegant and tranquil melody of ‘Martian Sunrise’, ‘The Red Cell’ EP is best enjoyed as one single piece of sonic art.

     “Something about my favourite producers I’ve always marvelled at is their ability to tell a story through the music. From Dan Curtin and Ron Trent to Carl Finlow and Larry Heard, from Kirk Degiorgio and Josh Brent to Lars Sandberg and Glenn Underground; all have special ways of making their songs flow and communicate with the listener. It’s something that has influenced me deeply throughout my life; it’s something I strive to achieve. This collection of music is the soundtrack to a certain point in my life: the point where we were waiting for my nanna (grandmother) to die. Hopefully they convey something of the joy she brought to me.” – Mark Ryal, 2017

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    Wolf Hackmine is one of several alter egos employed by veteran Birmingham DJ and producer Steve ‘Griffo’ Griffiths, now residing in sunny Spain. Encapsulating the darker, techno-inspired side of Steve’s many influences, Wolf Hackmine was born during a New Year studio session as 2013 gave way to 2014, hence the title ‘One Three One Four’. In the three years since its creation, this highly effective acid house workout has become something of a closely guarded weapon shared with only a select few DJs, among them Richard Norris (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve) who played the track at his notorious ‘Basement Filth’ event.

     Finally released from the basement, ‘One Three One Four’ finds its home on Colour and Pitch alongside three very special remixes. Perhaps best known for his work on DiY Discs as a member of Alpha Dogs, Nottingham producer Tim Tonal takes the track into classic Deep House territory, subtly filtering those acid lines whilst adding warm, haunting chords and a shimmering piano breakdown. Founder member of pioneering Manchester rave act ‘Together’ turned composer and sound designer, Suddi Raval delivers an effortlessly cool ‘Acid Dub’ version, atmospheric and smooth throughout. Finally, Steve himself returns in his ‘Second City Firsts’ guise to rework the track, raising both intensity and urgency, summoning up classic Hardfloor by adding even more acid into the mix.

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  • Hungarian producer and DJ Tibor Dragán makes his Colour and Pitch debut with Early Bird, a smooth and atmospheric deep house cut, typical of the cinematic and orchestral sound with which he's swiftly building his reputation. ‘Early Bird' is a touching, subtle and highly evocative slice of electronica, thanks for Tibor's sparse composition, spacious arrangement and immaculate production.

    Our very own Sumsuch couldn't resist remixing the track, blending many of the original parts with an entirely new creation based around warm, stirring chord pads, weighty bass and uplifting piano in the breakdown.

    "Very peaceful and musical composition. Remix is great also. Big ups Tibor." - Ricardo Miranda

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  • New York producer Eric Shans is a staple of the city’s electronic music scene, working as creative director at 3Bridge Records and holding down several DJ residencies, most notably inTRANSIT at TBA Brooklyn. His earliest musical inspirations came from watching new wave videos on MTV as a kid, the echoes of which are more than evident within his debut EP for Colour and Pitch.

    Title track ‘We Choose’ is an evocative fusion of clean electronic beats, warm chords and 80’s guitar licks, sure to tickle the heartstrings. ‘Keep A Secret’ combines smooth, deep house with classic 303 acid lines, with a subtle vocal gently whispered into the listener’s ear. ‘Is It Tonight’ pays homage to classic new-wave music with its darker, dense aesthetic; haunting yet deeply sensual. ‘Set Us Free’ closes out the EP as it began, resembling ‘We Choose’ somewhat in terms of feel, with stunning, layered vocals performed by Eric himself.

    “This EP was created over the course of a few months and goes between the contrasting worlds of hope, sadness, optimism, caution and the idea of feeling free; moving on and letting go for the now and for the future.” – Eric Shans, 2016

    iTunes: http://geni.us/WeChoose
    Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/release/we-choose/1916121
    Traxsource: http://www.traxsource.com/title/731727/we-choose
    Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products/eric-shans-we-choose/3296740-02/

    Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/4cutoknbgciTGGpAYSZXfK

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djericshans
    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/eric-shans
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ericshans

  • Colour and Pitch label owner Will Sumsuch teams up with friend and occasional DJ partner Danny Williams for 'We Give', a dreamy piece of melodic and spiritual deep house. The pair first met in 2008 during the Movida Corona DJ championships, in which Danny was competing and Will had been asked to act as judge for a regional heat. Danny's impeccable mixing and track selection took him all the way to the UK finals that year, making a lasting impression on Will, who continues to rank Danny among his favourite DJs. It took the pair 8 years of spinning records together to finally get into the studio, but the resulting music is worth the wait. Diving in at the deep end for his first ever studio session, Danny supplies poetic spoken word vocals on both tunes, as well as guiding Will's hand on production and arrangement.

    Title track 'We Give' is a lazily euphoric deep house piece, combining life-affirming, heavily effected vocals with comforting chords, laid over a heavyweight UK bassline. San Francisco dance music legend Gavin Hardkiss provides an up-tempo, bouncy and twisted interpretation of 'We Give' infused with eerie, other-wordly sounds and that unmistakable West Coast Hardkiss swagger.
    A fitting companion to 'We Give', 'Already One' continues in the same melodic, understated vein. The subtle, slow-burning arrangement is surely inspired by Danny's regular trips to Lee Burridge's 'All Day I Dream' events, not to mention the pair's shared love of emotional, spine-tingling breakdowns. Already back in the studio working on new material, we hope you enjoy this maiden voyage from Sumsuch & Williams, an exciting new partnership that’s forming a special musical character of its own.

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  • It's truly an honour to present this EP from shadowy underground music hero Andrew Duke. Running his weekly radio mix-show show continuously for almost three decades, the Canadian DJ and producer's commitment to the cause simply cannot be questioned. Having released his own brand of mercurial, original music since '93, the title 'Famous' could be viewed as a tongue-in-cheek reference to Andrew's relative anonymity despite his frankly intimidating resume... Though he's clearly too busy curating and creating great music to worry about such things. First coming to the attention of Colour and Pitch through his dedicated support of our releases on the radio show, we were simply bowled over by the 'Famous EP' when it first arrived in our inbox.

    Title track 'Famous' features Chicago spoken word artist Keter Darker, whose voice falls somewhere between Maxi Jazz and Gil Scott Heron in its languid, atmospheric delivery. Hypnotic conga rhythms and bleak synths give a sense of futility to the repeated lyrical refrain; 'everyone wants to be famous'. 'Gonna Make It (Second Nature)' plays with broken vocal snippets over slow-motion rhythms, building gently toward a spine-tingling, chord-laden, afro-tinged and utterly addictive groove. Referencing the political strategy of appeasement, the brilliantly titled 'Bread & Circus (Blind Nation)' moves the EP into late-night club territory, with techno influenced percussion and jazzy rhodes chords providing a sleazy backdrop for more of Keter Darker's powerful wordplay. At Andrew's personal request, Orlando's electronic explorer Q-Burns Abstract Message closes out the EP with a truly special reworking of 'Famous'. Expanding on the unique new sound he employed whilst remixing Sumsuch's track 'Shine' for Colour and Pitch last year, Q-BAM's version of 'Famous' is tense, uplifting, deeply cinematic and pretty much indescribable: just listen.

    'Andrew Duke creates music that sounds like it has a reason for living' (The Wire, UK)

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