• For our 41st release on Colour and Pitch, we are delighted to welcome New York music-maker Weston Butler to the label family with progressive gem, Moonshadows.

    Introduced to us by 3Bridge Records director Eric Shans, Weston Butler has spent the last few years building a solid reputation for melodic, subtle DJ sets at venues such as Cielo, Good Room, and ANALOG BKNY.

    Although Weston Butler is a fairly new name to the production scene, 'Moonshadows' shows impressive maturity both in composition and arrangement; a deep and progressive journey that's simply a joy from start to finish.

     Eric Shans adds orchestral touches to 'Moonshadows' with his languid, slow-building rework, adding sweeping strings and subtle synth touches that border on cinematic.

    Former Sub Club and Nitsa Club resident DJ and now a compelling production talent to boot, Mark Ryal delivers a typically genre-defying, vintage and authentically deep remix of Moonshadows, shimmering with nocturnal beauty.

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  • Fresh from well received releases on Nite Grooves, Large and Nordic Trax, Finest Wear returns to his spiritual home of Colour and Pitch with new EP 'Understanding Me', featuring a remix from label founder Sumsuch.

    Opening track 'Understanding' is filled with Finest Wear's distinctive warm and subtle deep house atmospheres with rolling percussion, weighty bass and a vocal that tells us what we all know: 'not everyone understands'.

    'To The Top' heads into late night hypnotic territory, with rhythmic chords and an insistent groove you can't help but move to. Send the kids out of the room for 'Paradise Lost', a smoothly building track whose climax is echoed by an enthusiastic, wordless vocal sample borrowed, perhaps, from a 'specialist' movie. Rounding off the package, label founder Sumsuch reworks 'Understanding', stripping the track to bare bones and using analogue drums and synths to rebuild it with an old-school feel.

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  • Josiah Fontenot - Old Metaphors
    For our 40th release on Colour and Pitch, we welcome Texas native Josiah Fontenot with the stunning ‘Old Metaphors’ EP, featuring remixes from Daniel Allen and Mysterons.

     Opening track ‘Chosen Course’ delivers a compact, tight groove; gradually adding on tweaked acid touches and retro stabs as it steadily builds and builds.

    Owner of misfit imprint Denied Music and resident at respected Austin venues Plush and Ethics, Daniel Allen turns in a deep, dark reworking of ‘Chosen Course’, making the most of those acid lines and sprinkling on some techno-infused magic that’s all his own.

     Second original cut ‘Fall’s Start’ sees Fontenot in a more reflective mood; electric pianos and chilled pads creating a thoughtful and hypnotic atmosphere before potent stabs take us up, up and away…

    Enigmatic production duo Mysterons provide the EP’s final remix, taking ‘Fall’s Start’ into languid breakbeat territory with a bouncy, bass driven groove and spine-tingling, expansive chords.

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  • Following the underground buzz created by their 2015 debut release ‘First Flight', Cenzo Scoglio (aka Finest Wear) and James Hockley return to Colour and Pitch under their ‘TwelveBitMusic' alias with new EP, ‘Life'.

    From the expansive opener ‘Who We Are', it's clear we are in the hands of a mature and prodigiously talented production partnership. ‘The Beat Down' goes down a slightly more progressive road, with delicious synth stabs and a growling bass-line. ‘In Our Minds' creates a hypnotic atmosphere thanks swirling arpeggios and subtle acid touches. Finally ‘Through This Life' summons up memories of 90's raving as it builds to a crescendo just south of euphoric.

    Named by Traxsource as one of the top 100 deep house artists of 2017, Finest Wear's career has blossomed since his 2013 label debut, signing tracks to Large Music and Nordic Trax as well as his spiritual home of Colour and Pitch. James Hockley's enviable dance music credentials were sealed when he replaced MJ Cole as programmer and engineer at a private studio in London. He's produced an album with Chicane and remixed Fedde Le Grande, Armin Van Buuren and BT among many others.

    "Love This" - Jazzy M
    "Lovely deep cuts" - Aldrin
    "Who We Are is the ANTHEM of the summer. Worth checkin’, listenin’, playin’ and dancin’." - DJ Nova

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  • Super-talented, Austin Texas based vocal house duo Glass Slipper unveil two stunning tracks on Colour and Pitch, with remixes from the label's founding fathers Sumsuch and Finest Wear. Comprising veteran (San Francisco) Bay Area producer, Brad Eller, and former vocalist for chart topping dance act 'Real McCoy', Lisa Cork-Twiss, Glass Slipper create uncluttered, hooky deep house tracks with powerful, soulful vocals.

     Opening track 'Let's Go To The Light' twins stripped down percussion and warm filtered pads with arresting vocal harmonies which spell out a simple message: "love will see us through". Colour and Pitch label boss Sumsuch extends the track over ten sublime minutes, re-composing the instrumental and adding live pianos to drive home those poignant vocals.

    Title track 'Embrace Of The Sun' enters classic deep house territory, with uplifting strings and a warm bass-line providing the perfect backdrop for Lisa's dreamy looped vocals. Named one of the top 100 deep house artists of 2017, Colour and Pitch regular Finest Wear turns in a classic deep and grooving rework, taking the track into late-night dance-floor territory.

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  • Brooklyn DJ and producer Eric Shans returns to Colour and Pitch armed with 4 pieces of melodic, bittersweet deep house music. Creative director for 3Bridge records and a fixture on New York's underground club circuit, Eric has previously released two stunning EPs on the label, as well as remixing Colour and Pitch founder Sumsuch's 2017 terrace anthem ‘Saint Elias' which was featured on Clubstar's winter compilation 'Chalet Beats No.5'.

     Blending his own plaintive vocals with those of singer Stephanie Lombardo, Eric Shans conjours up musical magic for opening track ‘Feel Alive', fusing new wave, film score and shoe-gazing house sensibilities. Hypnotic deep tech follows in Eric's second offering ‘In A Dream', a cut characterised by foggy, slightly spooky chords over driving beats. Sad and uplifting in equal measure, ‘Let Go' expertly plays with our heartstrings, employing powerful melodies, muted guitars and a spine-tingling vocal hook to create a poignant atmosphere. Finally ‘It's The Waves' heads into grittier club territory with its drone-like synths, techno-inspired bass-lines and dynamic percussion.

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  • Colour and Pitch turn to Greenery, the official colour of 2017 according to Pantone, to inspire a look back at some musical highlights from the year that was. The last 12 months have seen incredible music on the label from Eric Shans, Tibor Dragan, Wolf Hackmine, Mark Ryal, Finest Wear, Tim Tonal, Dizzy Praet alongside founder Sumsuch. We've had our music licensed to compilations in Africa and Austria; charted by Ashley Beedle among others. We've chosen our personal favourites from each special release, offering up ten deep electronic cuts for your delectation.

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  • Hand Me Down Demons, an EP by Sumsuch
    Colour and Pitch founder and BBE recording artist Sumsuch returns to his own label with brand new solo EP ‘Hand Me Down Demons'. Exploring the power held by ghosts from the past to damage or even destroy our relationships if we let them, ‘Hand Me Down Demons' is split into three distinct movements. Originating as an improvised piano piece, ‘We Should Talk' quickly evolved into a subtle, warm deep house instrumental, with analogue drums and bass providing a bed for plaintive, heartfelt melodies. Title track ‘Hand Me Down Demons' has a grittier character, with a heavily tweaked acid bass-led groove and eerie vocal harmonies creating a dense, late-night club atmosphere. ‘Slipping Under' closes the EP with a simple classical piano composition set over swirling synth atmospheres and distant seagull cries, symbolizing that final, teary-eyed ending. Music-making at its most cathartic, we hope you enjoy this resonant journey from joy to melancholy in the company of some Hand Me Down Demons we've probably all met before.

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  • Poised elegantly at the crossroads between melodic techno and deep house music, ‘Dreams' is the debut EP from a mysterious artist known only as Dizzy Praet. We are unable to confirm or deny rumours that Dizzy Praet is the new alter ego for a well-known producer hailing from Kiev, Ukraine, with a raft of chart-topping house and techno releases already under his belt. All we could do if you asked us is smile…

     Either an ambitious EP or a small yet perfectly formed album, ‘Dreams' comprises six thoughtful, nostalgic, cinematic and at times bleak electronic compositions. Fans of Stimming, Andre Lodemann and HVOB will revel in the stripped back, restrained sound and subtle arrangements. With original artwork created by the artist himself, we invite you to enter the strange and beautiful dream world of Dizzy Praet.

    “Something more experimental, moodier, and something for your mind from Colour & Pitch” - 5 Magazine

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