Friday 6 January 2017

Eric Shans - We Choose EP

New York producer Eric Shans is a staple of the city’s electronic music scene, working as creative director at 3Bridge Records and holding down several DJ residencies, most notably inTRANSIT at TBA Brooklyn. His earliest musical inspirations came from watching new wave videos on MTV as a kid, the echoes of which are more than evident within his debut EP for Colour and Pitch.

Title track ‘We Choose’ is an evocative fusion of clean electronic beats, warm chords and 80’s guitar licks, sure to tickle the heartstrings. ‘Keep A Secret’ combines smooth, deep house with classic 303 acid lines, with a subtle vocal gently whispered into the listener’s ear. ‘Is It Tonight’ pays homage to classic new-wave music with its darker, dense aesthetic; haunting yet deeply sensual. ‘Set Us Free’ closes out the EP as it began, resembling ‘We Choose’ somewhat in terms of feel, with stunning, layered vocals performed by Eric himself.

“This EP was created over the course of a few months and goes between the contrasting worlds of hope, sadness, optimism, caution and the idea of feeling free; moving on and letting go for the now and for the future.” – Eric Shans, 2016