Friday 21 April 2017

Mark Ryal - The Red Cell EP

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Highly respected underground House and Techno DJ Mark Ryal returns to Colour and Pitch with the follow up to his acclaimed 2015 debut EP ‘4th Floor and Rising’. A long-time resident at Glasgow’s Sub Club during the 90s, Mark often shared the booth with luminaries such as Derrick May and Claude Young, as well as hosting The Red Cell, a Thursday night soiree which gave this EP its title.

The Red Cell EP sees Mark exploring intensely personal themes throughout four musically rich, powerful and emotional compositions. From the dream-like opener ‘Blood Orange’ through a bleakly beautiful two part deep space odyssey ‘Orbiter’, to the elegant and tranquil melody of ‘Martian Sunrise’, ‘The Red Cell’ EP is best enjoyed as one single piece of sonic art.

 “Something about my favourite producers I’ve always marvelled at is their ability to tell a story through the music. From Dan Curtin and Ron Trent to Carl Finlow and Larry Heard, from Kirk Degiorgio and Josh Brent to Lars Sandberg and Glenn Underground; all have special ways of making their songs flow and communicate with the listener. It’s something that has influenced me deeply throughout my life; it’s something I strive to achieve. This collection of music is the soundtrack to a certain point in my life: the point where we were waiting for my nanna (grandmother) to die. Hopefully they convey something of the joy she brought to me.” – Mark Ryal, 2017

Get the EP via Traxsource | Beatport | iTunes | Juno | Spotify